Hot Take: Breakfast food is the best food. The options are so versatile and always seem to give you a spark of energy and a comforting feeling.

But maybe the best thing is how the foods combine for true masterpieces.

Now, I'm from the south where biscuits are king. But there's no way I'd turn down a well-put-together breakfast sandwich.

Tell me this description doesn't make you want to head to Detroit right now: scrambled eggs, Cheddar, smoked bacon, and garlic aioli between two thick slices of buttered, toasted challah bread.

That's the makeup of Detroit restaurant Babo's Breakfast Smash breakfast sandwich. The website Love Food picked the best breakfast sandwich in every state and determined that Babo's Breakfast Smash was the best choice for the state of Michigan.

Love Food describes Babo as a "small gourmet diner" but if that Breakfast Smash is any preview, Babo doesn't do small serving sizes. Accompanying this sandwich is a helping of home fries.

Other states' top breakfast sandwiches could match the Breakfast Smash in size, but few could stick to the classic breakfast ingredients.

Babo has a claim to fame with the Breakfast Smash (and I personally mean to give it a try the next time I'm in the Motor City) - but it doesn't sit alone on the menu. Babo also prepares skillets, omelets and chicken & waffles.

They do have non-breakfast foods too - burgers, chicken tacos, and cheesesteaks.

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