I've been making more of an effort to cook better food since moving to Michigan. I've learned the importance of spices and simple experimentation can take a dish to the next level.

But how you cook something makes all the difference too. Many foods can be cooked in a variety of ways and turn out just fine. But some foods are at their best when you cook them a certain way.

Ever baked a pork tenderloin instead of throwing it in the crockpot for eight hours? It's just not the same.

You've been doing the same thing with one of your favorite side dishes this whole time.

French fries go with so many entrées, but boy are they frustrating to cook at home. I often exclude them from hot dog or hamburger dinners because they are such a pain.

We're specifically talking about frozen fries from the grocery store. Let's be real, cutting your own fresh fries and frying them is tough to beat, but not everyone has time for that.

If you don't have any problem frying them, you may be content with your fries. But, if you're like me and it's baking or forgetting those frozen fries, the solution to get away from flimsy baked fries that never meet expectations is here.

Daily Meal suggests placing those frozen fries on the grill with your burgers, dogs or steaks.

Whether you use tin foil or a grill basket, use gas or charcoal, load up on the cajun seasoning or just a pinch of salt, Daily Meal makes the claim that grilling those fries is your best bet.

Plus, they'll be done in about 15 minutes while cooking at the same temperature as your meat. One of my biggest annoyances with frozen fries is that they always seem to take way longer to cook or cook at a totally different temperature than my meat - and they still don't turn out particularly well.

I'll be sure to give this cooking tip a try this summer. The next time you're grilling up for the family or the community, throw those frozen fries on the grill and see if it makes a difference.

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