When I first moved to Michigan just under two years ago, the last thing I expected to be one of my favorite things about the state was pizza. All of my experiences with Detroit-style deep dish pizzas were awful -- but they weren't exactly made in Detroit or with the spirit of the Motor City either.

But, I didn't let that stop me from giving one Michigan pizza chain the benefit of the doubt and getting a four-square pepperoni pizza for dinner within my first few weeks here. Just like that, I was hooked.

The restaurant in question is Jet's, which was recently named to have the best pepperoni pizza in the entire country by the foodie website Mashed.

Here's what they had to say about Jet's:

Many customers seem to love Jet's Detroit-style pizzas (with or without pepperoni) for their crust. The toppings span edge to edge, but the dough beneath is delightfully chewy and ends in a crispy rim with an almost caramelized touch.


Now on to the most important element: the pepperoni. Pepperoni on top of Detroit-style crust is a match made in heaven. When ordering pepperoni from Jet's Pizza, be aware of two varieties: regular pepperoni and bold cupped pepperoni. The regular pepperoni is flat and large, lightly tossed within the cheese for a touch of layering. The bold cupped pepperoni has more of a kick and a small pool of flavorful grease that builds up inside.

I'll admit, I wasn't aware of the bold cupped pepperoni option, so I've got to give that a try the next time I stop at Jet's.

While I'm not here to endorse Jet's, but rather relay that they had been granted an impressive honor, Mashed has a point about their pizza's makeup. The pepperoni topping does span edge to edge, and that crust indeed has a satisfying crunch too.

I've been told there are several other places I have to try for even better or simply more authentic Detroit-style deep dish, but the convenience of Jet's certainly helps their case to continue to get my business - even if my order is exactly the same each and every time.

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