Those warm temperatures might finally be here to stay for the summer. Now is the time for Root Beer Stands and ice cream by a lake moments in Michigan.

Whether you like it in a cone, in a bowl or straight out of the tub at 2 a.m., there really is no better time to enjoy ice cream than the summertime. But when Michiganders are searching the freezer section for their favorite flavors, which brand are they going with?

Personally, I'm a Ben & Jerry's guy. Load my personal pint of ice cream with as much mixins as possible, please and thank you. However, since moving to Michigan, a local brand has caught my attention too, but we'll discuss them later.

Trace One recently released a study that used Google Trends to determine each state's favorite national and regional brands of ice cream.

The country's most popular brand, Blue Bell, was the top brand in 22 states, which is one less state where their products are available. Being from Alabama, one of those 22 states, it's really unfortunate Blue Bell ice cream isn't sold in Michigan.

Michigan, however, did go with the second-most popular brand: Baskin-Robbins. The brand famous for its 31 flavors does sell some of those flavors in grocery stores across the state.

I was a bit surprised to see Baskin-Robbins take the spot, but location may have had something to do with that. Most of the 48 franchise locations of Baskin Robbins are in Southeast Michigan.

Then again, Baskin-Robbins has never been a top-of-mind brand for me. Where I grew up in Alabama, there were no Baskin-Robbins anywhere nearby. Now there aren't that many near me anyway here in Michigan.

Still, Michigan's favorite regional brand is one I enjoy just as well. There is almost always a tub of Hudsonville ice cream in my freezer. The Holland-based brand made a quick fan out of me just as well as the entire state of Michigan.

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