The other day I realized I hadn't had a good burger in a while and decided to get one for lunch.

Because it had been so long, I wanted to make sure I got a really good burger, so I treated myself to Five Guys. My wallet wasn't happy, and it served as a reminder of why I don't often eat at burger chains anymore.

The food is marginal at best, the meal isn't particularly filling and the prices are far from tolerable. Burger chains just aren't something I enjoy anymore.

Cheapism recently ranked the worst burger joints in America, and its top three are a trio of restaurants I also typically avoid.

Checkers round out the top (or bottom) three at No. 3 and Burger King at No. 2. If you are only willing to recognize regular-size burgers, then Burger King is the real loser here. Ironically, the king's castle is serving up smaller portions.

One thing that I've never enjoyed is sliders - especially fast food sliders. Splitting a burger into four smaller burgers that are somehow greasier than a standard burger, then served in a cardboard box on its side so all the grease congeals on the side of the burger.

It's maddening and far from appetizing.

That said, I recognize that many people find my take blasphemous. But in my defense, I've never actually eaten at this particular restaurant, so my feelings are completely to the side of this situation.

Cheapism did narrow down White Castle as the nation's worst burger chain.

"People joke about the chain's sliders all the time, including that they're called sliders because they slide right through you. Not sure about you, but we prefer our beef thicker than a dime and with a little color on it, not a tiny greasy sandwich packed with onions and gray slime."

Well, that's my feelings on Krystal, the southern take on White Castle, so I guess I'll continue to avoid the restaurant.

However, the silver lining for White Castle is that it is one of the cheaper restaurants out there. At just $5.21 average price per meal, according to Insider Monkey, White Castle is one of the 10 cheapest fast food joints in America.

There are 37 White Castle locations in Michigan, according to Scrape Hero, the fourth-most in the country. So if it's your jam, you've got plenty of options.

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