Nearly 2.6 million Michiganders traveled over the extended holiday weekend.

In fact, AAA expected record breaking travel throughout the 4th of July holiday not only in Michigan, but across the U.S.. Did you notice any of the delays during your trip?

How Safe Are Michigan's Roads?

We Michiganders are all too familiar with summer a.k.a. orange barrel season. For all the talk of "fixing the damn roads" and the years-long headaches like the I-94 interchange in Kalamazoo-- what do we have to show for it?

westnedge ave construction
Westnedge Ave. Construction, Kalamazoo Michigan - Brandon James/TSM

Whether you're coming or leaving the Great Lakes State use extra caution when traveling these highways considered to be among the most dangerous in all of Michigan:

Most Dangerous Highways in Michigan

According to information from the Goldman Acker law firm and the Michigan Traffic Crash Reporting System, these are considered to be among the most dangerous highways in the state.

Gallery Credit: Lauren Gordon

12 Awesome Road/Street Names in Michigan

While Michigan's roads typically lack comedic appeal, a keen eye for some of our road and street names might just provoke a chuckle or two.

Gallery Credit: Google Street View/Google Maps

The Five Most Dangerous Roads in Kalamazoo

We asked, You Answered. These the roads Kalamazoo residents say you should be EXTRA careful on while driving around.

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