All 5 of Ohio's large cities didn't score well in a recent happiness study, but there are 3 cities that are among the worst in the nation.  Full disclosure: I am from Michigan and it pains me to say that this study from Wallet Hub ranked Detroit, Michigan the most unhappy city in the United States.  Grand Rapids had more of a mediocre rank being the 85th happiest in the country out of the 182 largest cities.  You can see more on that by clicking here.

Three Large Ohio Cities Among Most Unhappy in the United States

#2 Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland would have been the most unhappy city in the country had it not been for Detroit, Michigan.  Cleveland highlights in this article include being in dead last place for "community and environment."  Cleveland also scored near the bottom in "Emotional and Physical Well-Being" and second to last for "adequate sleep."

Cleveland, Ohio, sad, unhappy

#7 Toledo, Ohio

The city that Ohio went to war with Michigan over, is the second most unhappy city in Ohio and the 7 most unhappy in the U.S.  Toledo got it's worst score for "Emotional and Physical Well-Being."

Toledo, Ohio, sad

#10 Akron, Ohio

Akron was ranked the 3rd most miserable city in Ohio and the 10th most unhappy large city in the U.S. out of 182 cities.  Akron's biggest issue in this study was "community and environment."

Akron, Ohio, unhappy


You can see where all of the 182 large American cities ranked by clicking here.  If you enjoy making fun of Ohio like I do, please join the "Ohio Stop It" group on Facebook.

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