Alligators in Michigan is becoming increasingly more common... VERY strangely. Last year alone, there was an alligator supposedly spotted in Lake Michigan, one in the Kalamazoo River, AND an entire family of Alligators found in a home during an eviction notice in Detroit.

So is it really surprising anymore when we get a new alligator sighting in Michigan? Yes... yes it is, and there was another one over the weekend that has Michiganders freaking out.

Authorities in and around Kent Lake, especially toward Milford Township, have issued warnings around the shores of a possible alligator sighting in its waters. The sighting was at Kensington Metropark on the east side of the lake. One visitor reported it to officials.

Since then officials have posted signs around the lake to warn lake-goers that they should be diligent when close to the water.

Representatives from the Huron-Clinton Metroparks dropped a little bit of knowledge too...

"Alligators are not native to Michigan, so if this sighting is real, it is most likely the result of someone releasing a pet Alligator into the Lake."


For real, though, if you have an alligator in Michigan... don't. You need to surrender the animal, unless you're a zoo or animal sanctuary. In fact, if you HAVE an alligator in your possession, THOSE are the places you should probably be calling.

My recommendation would be our friends at the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Athens. Because if anyone is going to give alligators (and at least one crocodile) a chance to live out a GOOD life in Michigan, it's them.

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