You never really know how intimidating a camel can be, until you come face to face with one in a place where you shouldn't.

THAT is exactly what happened at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio this past week, when two camels broke out of the park's petting zoo, and ran rampant around the park.

Now don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to be around a camel and pet one, but I typically would want the animal's handler nearby, or at least know it's tied up to something just in case something happens. That way, if it did get a bit excited, I could still have a quick getaway without getting trampled.

But for people at Cedar Point recently, they didn't get much safety in that regard.

Park officials say two gleeful camels escaped from the petting zoo at the park, and made their way into a civilian path area, outside of several rides. People in the park managed to snag a couple videos of the camels running around.


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Now, as calm and collected as just about everyone is in this video is, I would NOT be so chill. I might do my best to look like it, but internally, I'd need to change my pants in a hurry.

That being said, they look like they're just enjoying a nice stroll outside of captivity for a bit. The one camel was even jumping for joy.

But this really WAS a serious matter, and pardon the language in this video, but it shows just how BIG the camels are in comparison to the other people around them, and just how quickly things could have turned bad.  

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Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the incident, and the camels were returned to their enclosures fairly soon after these videos were taken, but still, man.... you go to a park for the rollercoasters and cotton candy, turn the corner, and nearly get assaulted by a camel? NOBODY is gonna believe you.

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